NHL ICE CENTER on SCREENVARIETY. Catch every slap-shot, check, and goal this season. Never lose sight of the puck.

NHL ICE CENTER gives you up to 50 games a week. From the first face-off to the final stretch of the season, you’ll feel the excitement of the game as you watch all your favorite teams and players. Plus, you also get NHL Network during the season at no additional charge. Crank up the energy with HD games on NHL CENTER ICE. See every blazing snap shot and bone-crunching check in amazing clarity. 

An app with some serious kick.

With the NHL TICKET app and your subscription you can stream any Sunday game LIVE on any device, track your NHL.com fantasy league and favorite players, get highlight alerts. You can even tune your TV to the game playing on your tablet with a simple flick of your finger.

Hear your announcers.

No one wants to hear the enemy gloat in your team’s defeat—and now you don’t have to. With Dual Feeds, you’ll always feel back at home. Choose the home or away broadcast and enjoy your game how you want to hear it.


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